• For restaurants it is important to have bulk ice on hands. Your restaurant serves drinks all night and day which means you need to actually possess a steady supply. In your industrial refrigeration list, you'll need to actually source a dependable ice making machine. But how can you choose an portable ice maker machine and just what criteria in the event you consider?

    How to Choose a Portable ice maker


    This might appear just like a trivial factor but with the other industrial catering equipment inside your restaurant, you have to think about the available space. The ice making machine must small , compact enough to become almost stashed however it should have a sizable convenience of bulk ice making. It will be able to fit underneath a kitchen area counter and convey much ice.

    Ice Production

    Check just how much ice with the ability to produce inside a round-the-clock period in comparison to the quantity drinks you serve. For those who have a little to medium restaurant then your number is comparatively average. You would then require an ice maker that generates about 18kg of ice. For those who have a bigger restaurant you might want to go for one which generates as much as 50kg of ice.


    It is really an essential aspect for just about any restaurant kitchen equipment. The safety and health of the customers always comes first. With water, stop ensure bacteria develop. That's why you ought to be sure that the ice making machine comes with an anti-scale system and antibacterial pouch. Stainless ice makers also make sure that bacteria don't develop. Scotsman ice making machines do adhere to the meals safety standards therefore it may worth searching into.

    Storage Capacity

    When the ice has been created within the ice maker, it must be kept in the device before you empty it or remove a lot of it. Consider the length of time you'll need before removing it or take a look at how lengthy it requires you to employ some ice. If ice removal is minimal you will want to think about an ice maker having a large storage bin capacity, in order that it doesn't melt between removal periods.

    Like a restaurateur you need to take consideration when selecting your refrigeration equipment so selecting your ice maker isn't any different. It is crucial that you think about the suggestions above factors before selecting one. Scotsman ice machines deliver innovative products by means of advancements in technology. They likewise have an established track record within the food industry. So be sure that the ice making equipment you source is reliable, durable and functional which matches together with your needs.

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